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“Move Fast, Break Things^WPeople”

The Silicon Valley tech company ethos, forged throughout decades of building hardware and software, is predicated on the notion that, equipped with better ideas and better technology than the establishment, the innovators can bypass establishment rules on their way to changing the world. The problem: “Move fast and break things” works when the “things” are software. It works slightly less — and poses a serious safety concern — when those “things” are people.

The Danger Of Calling Uber A "Tech Company" – BuzzFeed News

Just because you use technology to do something old in a new way doesn’t make you a technology company. Uber, and it’s “sharing economy” ilk are making old business models more efficient with technology, but also with exploiting the people who ostensibly work for them. The only innovation and disruption Uber is doing is increasing profit margins on a historically low-margin business model. If this is what passes for technology in 2015, no wonder people like Wedge and I are bummed.