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Reform of the Nerds

In Chu’s view, nerds created much of what we love about Internet culture but also much of what we hate about it. Intended as a refuge from real-world hierarchies and prejudices, the Internet has often wound up simply reproducing, even exaggerating, the power dynamics of the “real world,” complete with bullying. Chu feels that if nerds were more willing to set some community standards… and behave with less indifference to the worst of their peers, they could make the world a lot more pleasant and protect the best of nerdiness—the joyful obsessions, the embrace of outsiders, the indifference to convention.

Reform of the Nerds, Starring Arthur Chu | Pacific-Standard

Powerful. Important. Nerds who are fed up with the abuse, bullying, and harassment online need to step up. Male nerds, especially, need to call their fellow men on the carpet for their terrible behavior. Bravo to Arthur for using his platform for good.