Essays on Technology and Culture

Episode 9: It’s Not Stockholm Syndrome, Maybe

The podcast is back with a new name, but the same old lack of focus. Also, thinking about the relationship I have with Apple—why I continue to use their products, and why I’m unlikely to switch, though I’m interested in dabbling on the side.

8: Up Periscope

In this episode: excuses, setting bigger goals for my life and creative work, and experimenting with Periscope to livestream the show, crappy and not-crappy telemarketing jobs, and trying to figure out what you, the listener and reader, would give me money for.

Episode 7: Going Kinda Viral

A feelings show about my recent semi-viral success with a post on Medium about what I learned working for the Welfare Office in Philadelphia.

Episode 6: Notes on a Pebble

First impressions of the Pebble smartwatch, and a quick note on some upgrades to my podcasting rig.

5: Internet-Enabled Entitlement Culture

This week: how entitlement to people and things seems to be baked into Internet culture, and how we can possibly turn it around to make things better. Also, a brief review of Papers, Please for iPad.