Essays on Technology and Culture

On Multiple Attempts

This post marks, I believe, the fifth attempt to find something to do with this domain. I’ve had since the summer of 2002—seven and a half years of content ranging from daily minutia, “lifehacks”, fiction, and essays on literature. Nothing I’ve tried has sustained my interest for a very long period. It’s not for lack of trying, and it’s not for lack of desire to write. [I want to make that “clackity noise”, and tell stories.]( The hardest part, as always, is sitting down and doing it. ((This is complicated by my current situation of working two jobs, and having limited free time. I suspect it’s less of an issue of finding the time, and more of using the time I have better. More on that, I expect, in the future.))

It’s both embarrassing and amusing to [go back in time and read the earliest things I posted on this site](*/ [The Wayback Machine]( has provided a number of snapshots of my college years, few of which are flattering, though this is biased. In the intervening years, I’d say the best thing I ever wrote for this website is [my essay on the death of David Foster Wallace]( For this attempt, I have decided to begin with a blank slate ((This will be, if I recall correctly, the fourth attempt at starting with a blank slate.)), retaining only that particular essay as a static page.

Ultimately, I expect that this will be an experiment in making the “clackity noise” that [Merlin Mann]( harps on about. If there is a constant, as always, I know that part of the first thing I wrote on this domain remains true.

>I’ve never been good with welcome messages and similar things for websites. Therefore, this will be the best welcome I can give.

Please join me. I expect things to be interesting.