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sanspoint (sænz·ˈpɔɪnt)

Hybrid of Latin-root prefix and Middle-English root. Literally, “without point,” as in lacking a definitive topic of discussion or focus.


My name is Rachel Anderson. I’m a writer, podcaster, and music geek. You may have heard of me. I’m from Philadelphia, as of the end of August, 2012, I live in New York City, specifically in the Briarwood neighborhood of Queens.

Sanspoint is my personal blog. It’s name implies a distinct lack of focus. This would be accurate. However, you’re likely to read stuff here on subjects as diverse as technology, doing creative work, music, current events, design, books, or anything else that catches my attention.

Where to Start

For the second half of 2012, Sanspoint was mostly updated weekly. Before then, it was extremely sporadic. Here’s a some of my best work from that period:


I also cohost the music fandom podcast, Crush On Radio with friends Matt Keeley and Andrew Marvin. I also write somewhat regularly for the online magazine Kittysneezes, primarily about music. Also, I’ve appeared on a few other places, such as the inaugural episode of 5by5’s Quit! podcast, and Back to Work episode 100. I’ve been interviewed on Tandem with the Random, and on Technology and the Arts. I’ve also appeared in crowds on TV several times.

You can send me an email using the very nice contact page.


Sanspoint is hosted on DreamHost, and runs on WordPress. I do most of my writing in either Byword or nvALT, using MultiMarkdown because of its support for footnotes. [1]

Legal Stuff

The works here, unless otherwise noted, are the expressed opinion of Rachel Anderson, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone who gives me a paycheck. All writing on Sanspoint is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means you can do whatever you want with it—even sell it for money—but I want credit and for you to let others do the same. The site logo, name, and other non-writing parts are copyrighted. No Interocitor part can be replaced. Bear this in mind while assembling. Use only genuine Interocitor parts.

  1. Footnoting my writing is a habit I picked up from reading the works of the late David Foster Wallace, whom I eulogized on this site after his tragic death.  ↩