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The First Post-Google Reader RSS Casualty

We have closed user registration, and we plan to shut the public site down in two weeks. We started working on this project for ourselves and our friends, and we use The Old Reader on a daily basis, so we will launch a separate private site that will keep running. It will have faster refresh rate, more posts per feed, and properly working full-text search — we are sure that we can provide all this at a smaller scale without that much drama, just like we were doing before March.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

I’ve been using The Old Reader for my work-related RSS stuff, until their sudden downtime last week. It’s a great product, and a labor of love, but it seems they just couldn’t keep up with the influx of refugees from Google. The database issues, though unrelated, clearly didn’t help with this decision. I wish them luck, and hope they can make a go of The Old Reader with their small, private network. In the meantime, I’ve pulled my work RSS feeds, and have been making a go of it with Digg Reader, which is reliable, but that’s the most I can say for it.