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Ted Dziuba – Mastering the Craft

Ted Dziuba — Mastering the Craft:

I know Java well enough, so I haven’t been resisting because of my skill set, I resisted Java because it’s enterprisey. Because I thought it was an inferior technology. Because I had a chip on my shoulder about technical superiority.

That’s not mastery, that’s just being a prick, and I’m done with it.

This is the sort of thing I’m on about lately. There’s a tool for everyone. Some suit the task better than others. Some suit the user better than others. All of them are valid. Just like the example he makes about fine whiskey versus a Captain and Coke. Someone’s preferences are preferences, above all. It’s better to expose yourself to other people’s preferences and appreciate them for what they are, and it’s better to understand your own preferences as well.