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“Not Everything is For You”

Part of maturing, I think, is realizing that charges of acting in bad faith are often themselves made in bad faith, an attempt to explain away gaps in understanding between two people rather than trying to bridge them, or even make peace with them. That’s as true in politics and in relationships as it is in music, but in music—arguably the strangest and most subjective art form there is—the best option often is “make peace.” Not everything is for you, even you of eclectic tastes and voracious listening appetite.

Making Peace With Music That Everyone Loves But You – The Atlantic

As passionate as people can be about what they love, they can have equal passion about what they don’t. Back in the Crush On Radio days, we often talked about bands and music that we should like “on paper” that fail to click. There was never judgment—we were there to share what we love, but nobody was wrong for loving something that wasn’t for the rest of us.

Something we all should learn, and it extends to so many things in life.