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“They tell us they’re going to do better.”

Invariably, by speaking up, I’ll experience a new round of threats and harassment. The people doing this see themselves as noble warriors, not criminals. I’ll probably get more rape and death threats. I’ll be told I’m being dramatic. For pointing out the game media’s silence, behind closed doors these people will tell themselves what amazing allies to women they feel they are, and nothing will be done.

As a friend recently told me, “It’s a very dangerous time to be a woman with an opinion.”

—I’m Brianna Wu, And I’m Risking My Life Standing Up To Gamergate | Bustle

It’s possible you’ve seen this, already. If not, read it.

All of us men in the technology space, no matter how small our role, are to blame for what’s happening to Brianna Wu, to Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, Randi Harper, and thousands of other women who have had their lives upended by horrible men on the Internet, and the tools that enable their abhorrent behavior.

It’s our job to turn the tools back upon them, and stop them. It’s our job to silence the attacks and abuse. It’s our job to make technology a safe space for everyone.

It’s our job, and we’ve been sleeping on it for the past decade-plus.