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The Ad Blocker Conundrum

The only certainty is that ad block is increasingly an issue. Don’t forget that there are numerous blocking techniques on mobile, too, so the shift from desktop to mobile does not implicitly solve anything.

Publishers will address it with a variety of approaches; I expect to see a rise of ad-block-blocking and of circumvention techniques a la Secret Media. These are both antagonistic methods, but will at least add exposure to the issue. I do think that deliberately circumventing the user’s desire is a poor long term choice – it is rare that content is truly unique in the vast expanse that is the internet.

FairBlocker: A Better Way to Browse

An interesting analysis of the problems with web ads and with ad blocking, with a possible solution.

I use ad blockers across all my browsers, my phone, and my tablet. I’m not happy about it, but the aggressive nature of most web ads is infuriating, and the browser is slow enough already. FairBlocker seems like an interesting solution to the problem, but it seems to suffer from the same issue as Readability’s old business model: how does the content creator actually get their share of the money?