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Future-Proofing Photos

And more camera feedback, this time from Matt Birchler:

I understand the feeling that our phones currently take pictures that are good enough, but I doubt we’ll look back on these photos as great in 10 or 20 years time. Even looking back at photos I took with my iPhone 4 just 3 years ago, I’m already seeing the cracks in the flaws in those images. I have pictures of my wife and I that don’t look that great anymore. Almost all of the images of us from the first few years we were together were taken with smartphones that were considered “good enough” at the time.

The Human Reason for Wanting Nicer Tech | BirchTree

I’m not sure I agree that the pictures I take with my phone won’t look as good to me in 10-20 years, but that’s only me. It’s a compelling argument for someone to get a “real camera.” It just isn’t for me.