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The Misfits of Reddit Aren’t Leaving

“What seems to be lost in this discussion of free speech is that, like it or not, Reddit — or any discussion platform on the Internet — is well within its rights to censor or ban anything they see fit. Whether it’s for the prospect of monetary gain, to create a more welcoming space for new users or to soften their image in the public eye is utterly immaterial. Although some banned communities have, in the past, been able to regroup on Reddit and continue doing whatever odious thing it is they initially set out to do, the amount of attention the FPH bans caused is likely to make regrouping impossible. As Baldwin put it, ‘If Reddit can’t keep a community off their site, they look incompetent.’”

The Misfits Of Reddit Aren’t Leaving – Digg

The right to free speech is not the right to be heard.