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The Danger in Your Work-Provided FitBit

It’s becoming more common to have something tracking you at the office — not just someone from IT sending you a nastygram when you accidentally click a porn link in a spam e-mail. IT’s been able to see what you do on the computer for years, but now it’s more in-depth. A number of companies are promising to track the applications and websites you use at work, with the goal of making sure you stay productive in the office. But increasingly, employee tracking is moving outside of the office and working hours. Some companies give employees fitness trackers to nudge them into a healthier lifestyle, and maybe save some money on their insurance plans. Some do more.

Ugh! Bosses Are Now Using Non-Work Apps To Spy On Us…

My second piece for Unicorn Booty is up, and it’s about a real, growing problem with the apps we use to create and track our data. I’m more than happy to track what I do for my own benefit, but I’m pretty damn creeped out by the idea of my employer using those same tools to keep an eye on me when I’m off the clock.