Essays on Technology and Culture

The False Dichotomy of Tech and Arts

“[C]reating or hacking something requires much more than manipulating code, and much of those other elements are greatly enriched by the presence of people based in the arts. You need to know what you’re hacking, and why — the context of your project, the guiding vision, the overall strategic plan. You need to conduct research on the project’s viability, its scope and functions, your capacity to make it happen. You need to write and edit content and make your project visually accessible. You need to figure out how you are going to get people to use your project — not just by advertising, but by considering factors such as accessibility, user experience, even the assumptions made by your project about its users’ needs. These are skills that people in the arts can bring to tech teams, products and the industry overall.”

— Let’s Lose The Arts/Tech False Dichotomy Already — Medium

An important read, especially in regard to the gendered divided between arts creative work and technology work. For an example of this in practice, just look at the stereotypes of “front-end” versus “back-end” developers. I’m also pleased to see Tiara take the arts side to the carpet for their reactions as well. The world needs more than programmers.