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Support Comes With Benefits: The Untitled Sanspoint Newsletter Project

I write here for many reasons, not the least of which is because I can’t shut up about the things that interest me. For all you people out there, hemming and hawing about starting a blog, if people tell you to shut up about what interests you, that’s a clue to start.

Writing, however, doesn’t pay the bills—least of all the hosting bills. I’ve had the option available to become a supporter of my writing for a while, either as a $3.00 a month subscriber, or just with a one-time donation. My supporters have done so out of kindness and love, because I have had nothing to offer in return except my continued writing on this site. Until now.

I recently launched The Untitled Sanspoint Newsletter Project, a bi-weekly supporter newsletter. For anyone who supports my writing as a subscriber or a donor, you’ll get a newsletter in your inbox every two weeks with additional thoughts on technology and culture along with a selection of interesting links. You can preview the first issue here.

Right now, it’s on the honor system, but I trust my readers. You come to me instead of some of the bigger names in technology writing for my perspective and ideas. Or, because you’re hate-reading. Either/or. Your support will allow me to write more and keep the lights on, and in return, I will give you a piece of myself in your inbox.

I hope you’ll consider becoming a subscriber, or even a donor. Any amount of support gets you a subscription to the best darn email newsletter written by someone named Richard J. Anderson. [1] Plus, you get to feel smug that you’re supporting another independent technology writer in this competitive attention economy. Who could say no to that?

  1. If anyone knows of another newsletter written by someone named Richard J. Anderson, let me know, so I can go all Highlander on them.  ↩