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Disposable Creativity and Disposable Creatives

Opinions are stretched out to their absurd conclusion for effect, no argument nuanced. Trolling, playing to the home team, and a never ending thirst to keep it all going. What I am more interested in is the idea of creativity being driven to frivolity shorting us on artists and writers making things.

The energy that should be devoted to making something interesting is being devoted to creating content that is disposable.

— Mike M. – “Creativity In The Era Of Hyperreality”

Once you’ve given this a read, go watch Heather Armstrong (aka dooce)’s XOXO talk. She discusses much of the same ideas, but from the inside. Heather’s story is frightening, because her children became caught up in the demands of creating a personal brand that companies leveraged to sell more units. Yet, without a solid, alternative business model for many independent content creators (boy, do I loathe that term), what other choice do we have? It’s not sustainable. And whenever someone rejects the model, there’s another ten who are willing to do it for a tenth the price.