Essays on Technology and Culture

“Progress” by Fiat

In Thiel’s world, “good enough” systems don’t get fixed—they are surpassed by new technology. But unsticking systems is not just a technological challenge. It’s a social and political challenge as well. Since the companies that profit from “good enough” systems have few incentives to change, change needs to come externally, from social pressure or political leadership, commodities in short supply in contemporary America.

As attempts are made to unstick calcified systems, hope may be found in a practice rarely celebrated by technological innovators: regulation.

When ‘Good Enough’ Holds Back New Inventions – The Atlantic

The Valley attitude of technology over all, and ignoring the greater world and established systems of government and society will bite it in the rear one day. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

No technology that catches on will do so from fiat alone.