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Streaming Music and “Blockbuster Syndrome”

““Nobody is expecting to become rich from making odd music,” Herndon concedes. “But when we don’t compensate artists for the work they produce, they are forced to find other means to make a living – which will have consequences for the amount of people making work, the amount of time they have available to experiment, and ultimately, the risks they are prepared to take.””

Bandwidth: streaming might be the future, but is it an unfair economy that exploits artists? – FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music.

I’ve long maintained that music streaming services are great for everyone except the people who make the music. Every interview on streaming music with musicians confirms this. Holly Herndon makes a great point that I’ve missed: the sort of music that succeeds on streaming services is the sort that can reach critical mass, and that is music which, by nature, is low-risk pop.

If you care about music, read this.