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Opinion Fatigue

It’s tiring to lug around your armor of spurious competence. And it’s equally exhausting to weather a swarm of weigh-ins from everyone and his brother (you guys don’t need me to tell you this is an especial behavior of men, right?), or stare down another slog through the hot-take-backlash-counterintuitive-take-counterintuitive-take-backlash-wet-blanket-hoax-accusation opinion cycle. Everyone is burned out by thinking something about everything. Everyone is even more burned out by everyone else thinking something about everything.

Everyone’s opinions are fatiguing after a while – even your own | Jess Zimmerman | Comment is free | The Guardian

No opinion is a valid opinion. We don’t need to constantly spout out thoughts on the issues of the day, or issues of the minute. Admit your ignorance, shut up, and listen to the people who know what they’re talking about. There’s no shame in doing so.