Essays on Technology and Culture

Anil Dash – “Toward Humane Tech”

The conversation about the tech industry has changed profoundly in the past few years. It is no longer radical to raise issues of ethics or civics when evaluating a new product or company. But that’s the simplest starting point, a basic acknowledgment that what we do matters and actually affects people.

Anil Dash – “Toward Humane Tech”

That we’re finally asking questions and starting the conversation about what the technology industry has become is a great start. All too often we treat technology as its own thing, something with its own sense of agency and purpose. We cannot forget that technology is created by humans, and it is controlled by humans. It also inherits all the flaws and foibles of the people who create it. Technology should serve and benefit everyone, not just the bottom line of companies that leverage it. And we start changing this by challenging assumptions to the contrary.