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I Am Not an Apple Pundit

When you write about technology, you have to write about Apple. They’re one of the prime movers in the technology world, along with Google, Facebook, Amazon, and (amazingly still) Microsoft. You can’t avoid it, whether you like Apple’s products or not. And, seeing as there are five Apple branded products on my desk right now—and one on my wrist—I think I would put myself in the former category. I even keep up with Apple news and rumors—though the two are conflated so much it’s hard to tell them apart.

But not everything Apple does is important to me. I don’t have a TV, so I don’t have an Apple TV. I don’t drive a car, so I don’t care about a theoretical Apple Car. I own a pair of bluetooth headphones, so if Apple does drop the headphone jack on the next iPhone, then I’ll be prepared. Not that we even know Apple’s going to do that. The degree of Kremlinology and tea-leaf reading in the Apple community is mind-blowing and often frustrating. How many hot takes and think pieces were written on the Smart Battery Case alone? How many words were written about Apple Watch Edition pricing, when it had no bearing on the product?

I use Apple products because they are the best tools for what I do, not out of a sense of loyalty to the company. I could probably do the majority of what I do on my devices with Android and Windows, or even with Android and Linux. My investment in Apple is only to the degree in which they continue to make the best tools for what I do. I don’t see that changing any time soon, though I sympathize with Marco Arment’s concerns. I also see no reason to worry about Apple’s hardware yet.

I’ll keep writing about Apple when I feel there’s a need. That doesn’t mean I need an opinion on every move the company makes, every company they acquire, and whatever rumor is floating around today. It feels like a distraction. Expect me to write less pieces on future device features, and more about the developing role of new hardware platforms. The latter gives me much more to chew on.